Envisioning a New Park

The Friends of Gulick Park has two main goals. First, we want to see a renovated park.

Second and just as importantly, we want to help the community have a say in that renovation.

The Beginning

We began realizing this second goal right at the start with the very first event. On June 4th, 2009, community members came out to voice their opinions and hopes regarding the park as it was and could be. See minutes from the meeting here. Parks Department and political representatives were present to listen.

Partnering for Success

Since those early days, our successes have led to collaboration with The Hester Street Collaborative and Partnerships for Parks. With their help we will more inclusively and comprehensively gather our neighbors’ visions of and for Gulick Park and report on these to our elected representatives and NYC Parks and Recreation. See here for more details.

Take Back Our Park Day

The main event was Sunday May 16, 2010. “Thank you!” to the hundreds of invested neighbors who took the time to come out and support the park by sharing your ideas for a renovated park.

Community Follow-up Events

After we gather all this information together, we will host review sessions and a report, to be given to Parks & Recreation and local representatives, will be drafted. The report is now available here.

Design Workshop

The review session was held on May 4th. Results with sketches of plans are now up. We work in small groups on five distinct issues raised in the initial report.  About 50 residents came out to participate. Representatives from elective officials came by. And NYC Parks designers in attendance found the discussion useful for their future design work on Gulick Park. We’d like to thank Community Board 3, along with The Hester Street Collaborative and Partnerships for Parks in helping with this event.