Partnering with HSC and P4P

Partnering with The Hester Street Collaborative

We are now working with The Hester Street Collaborative (HSC) in conjunction with Partnerships for Parks to listen to our neighbors and help them find a voice in this process. HSC has experience gathering community opinions—positive and negative—about public spaces and organizing these ideas to inform a design process. What’s more, they have successfully used myriad interactive exercises to help young and old actively construct their ideas for a future space.

You can see more of their community work here (including work on Sara D Roosevelt and East River Parks) and some of what they’ve done with area schools here—or you can walk over to PS 134 (East Broadway by Grand ST) and see the garden space they helped students realize.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on our own participatory design workshops that we will bring to Gulick Park in the spring.

**For more details on what took place go here and here.**