Action Areas

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The Friends of Gulick Park steering committee has divvied up it’s tasks into eight areas:

We’re always looking for new members, if you’d like to help in any area, please e-mail us at


We are committed to reaching as broad a cross section of the surrounding area as possible. Outreach seeks to make new contacts with our fellow neighbors and local groups and to maintain and strengthen the ones we’ve already made. Please contact us to make a connection. (To add to the oral history project, or our history of the park please e-mail


We initiate and cultivate relationships with our public representatives from the community board level up through the state and federal level. We seek to convince our elected officials that Gulick Park is a worthy capital investment and to keep them informed of our progress.


We host events in the park to invigorate the underused portions of the park and to bring community together. We’ve hosted plantings, raffles, handball tournaments, face painting, and more. Let us know if you have any ideas for an event.


We work to tap private and public grant money to fund the operations of The Friends of Gulick Park and the park itself. We can also soon accept donations from individuals.


We work to spread the word through news outlets, from newspapers to blogs.

Internal Communications:

Manages our Web site, e-mail lists, newsletters, internal announcements.


Manages the incoming funding from grants and donors and operational expenses.


Organizes the monthly meetings of the steering committee.