Take Back Our Park Events

This event, below, was central to our collecting information and opinions from our neighbors, what they think of the park and what they envision for it in the future. The report developed from this event is available here.

Help Take Back Our Park from decay and neglect!

Take Back Our Park Day

Sunday May 16th, 2010 from 1-5pm

There will food and games and 6 ways to help shape the future of Gulick Park and Playground.

Model Making

Fun for all ages. Create a model of what you want the park to look like the future. Your imagination’s the limit. The models will be document, shared with NYC Parks design team, and used to report on what we want in a renovated Gulick Park.

Story Maps

You’ll be able to add your comments, memories, and wishes onto this extra large print map of the park. You could also draw in a desired addition.

Design Tagging

A kind of scavenger hunt for design! Search out and tag different features of the park with positive or negative tags. By the end of the day, we’ll photograph the tagged elements.

Wish Objects

Put your wish on a fish! Wish for anything¬† you’d like to see at Gulick Park: an improved piece of equipment, better fences, more trees, more programming of some kind…you name it. Put your wish on a fish and decorate as you like, then place the fish on our river of hopes.


In conjunction with our Oral History Project, we will continue interviewing willing neighbors on May 16th. This station adds depth, personal warmth, and narrative to our collection of opinions and hopes for Gulick Park.

If you’d like to sign-up for an interview, please e-mail us at history@gulickpark.org.


Several of us will be conducting surveys of specific questions to help give us hard numbers about certain issues in the park, people’s concerns and desires. We hope it will show a broad and diverse support for a park renovation. An on-line version will be available for a short time longer.

If you have any questions about these visioning activities, please e-mail us at info@gulickpark.org.