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The Friends of Gulick Park are working to create a greener, livelier, and safer Luther Gulick Park & Playground.

Our neighborhood deserves more green space and more quality play space. To this end we

  • Lobby elected officials for money to fund a complete renovation of the park, keeping or improving what’s good and making way for what’s needed.
  • Organize short-term beautification projects to re-green the park space and clean up the existing infrastructure.

People of all ages need outdoor spaces to play and relax in. Taking back ownership of a park should build community connection. To this end, we

  • Reach out to area residents and organizations to collaborate on our efforts
  • Make sure that the local police precinct is aware of our work and will be supportive.
  • Are open to all members of the neighborhood, gathering their ideas, opinions, and input for any future renovation.
  • Will continue to bring more programming to the park, making it a center for community participation and activity.

We are entitled to public spaces for recreation that are safe, but know that we must help make them that way. To this end, we

  • Keep the local police precinct aware of our efforts.
  • Seek to have safer sidewalks and fencing.
  • Think that a greener and livelier park will bring more and more diverse people to the park, deterring unwanted behavior.


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