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General donations

The Friends of Gulick Park is fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute, as part of its Citizen Action Program. All contributions will be accepted by OSI on behalf of The Friends of Gulick Park.

This means we can accept tax-deductible donations on your behalf! They will also provide us with a lot of paperwork and accounting work. We are happy to be working with them.

Donations will go toward future events, park beautification supplies such as plants and flowers, community outreach, the ping-pong table, etc.

To donate on-line through

Amount: $ is a secure method of donating on-line and has been helping NY charities raise funds on-line for many years. Clicking the button above takes you to our page on their site where you can add options (like making the gift in honor or memory of someone) and securely supply your credit card information.

To donate by check, please write checks to “OSI” and in the memo field write “The Friends of Gulick Park”.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and duly recognized. You can either drop off checks at park events to Friends of Gulick core-group members, or mail them to:

Open Space Institute
1350 Broadway, Suite 201
New York, NY, 10018

The Ping Pong Table

We didn’t reach the needed amount (as you can see below). Please consider donating through one of the above methods in order to help us pay for this already well-used item. We decided to have it installed because it was so popular in its trial run, but now it is part of our general fund raising needs. Thank you to those made this arrangement possible.